Songcraft. It can seem like a dying art these days, when “vibe” and a good beat can matter more than melody and meaningful lyrics. But the two principals in Lines West are driven to change that. Having recently released their third album, The Ghost for You, they’re expanding an already established foundation of well-formulated songs.

Lennon and McCartney, Henley and Frey, Strummer and Jones…when bands have two singer/songwriters, there’s a synergy (and competitiveness) that drives both writers. Lines West, based in Bridgeport, CT, features Brian Larney and John Radzin, both accomplished songwriters and vocalists, and the two writer/singer dynamic holds true for them as well. Lines West is a “post-Americana” outfit, drawing influences from power pop to folk to…well, to just about anything where songcraft matters. Described as "Simon and Garfunkel fronting Wilco” or “The Band" and “a semi-acoustic Coldplay fronted/ led by Paul McCartney", Lines West is defined by solid composition and sweet-sounding harmonies.

John and Brian met while playing in another local Connecticut band. Already writing most of the songs for that band, they would work together often. While singing their own songs, they began to shift and expand stylistically, and the new sounds they found led them to want to create their own project. Lines West started out in April of 2014, and immediately began recording their first record, Stop Look and Listen , completing it for a summer release.

The two reached out to good friends and talented musicians, Kenny Cash and Scott Logan, to tour for the first record, and it seemed natural that they would then join ranks and record the second album and the subsequent tour that followed. They became significant contributors for the third record. Kenny Cash, himself an accomplished engineer and producer, tracked and mixed the third record at Factory Underground in Norwalk. The album was recorded the old-fashioned way, with a lot of pre-production and then the band entering the studio to play the tracks as live as possible. This new album, entitled “The Ghost for You” represents a departure from Lines West’s Americana beginnings into a “post-Americana” landscape where influences as diverse as The Beach Boys and Jimmy Webb converge in pure, unadulterated, technical songcraft.



“Perfectly crafted pop songs that should be all over terrestrial radio at least.” – Review Stalker

“Toe-tapping, head-bobbing, heart-swaying tunes of unrequited love, loss and longing that etches a smile on our soul and a chorus in your head.” – Gary Gone, Cygnus Radio

“A pop album of distinction.”  – Frank Gutch,Jr., No Depression

“Just wonderful overall!” – Debbie Catalano, The Noise Boston

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Lines West

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